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Once the design portion of your website has been completed, the next step is to determine hoe your site will be found by your potential new customers. With billions of pages on the web, what steps can you take to ensure your site will be visible? Fortunately, we at NJ MetroNET are specialists in this field and can offer you web marketing services in the following areas:
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Submissions
  • Directory Submissions (Yahoo!, DMOZ, etc.)
  • Link Campaign Management
  • Pay-Per Click Management

Your NJ MetroNET Representative will help you choose either one or a combination of plans depending on your site objectives, competition in your market, and many other factors. Below is a synopsis of each web marketing category:

Your website needs to be "search engine ready" - that is capable of being read by search engine software to be properly indexed in their databases and directories. This is done through a process known as SEO or Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the process of designing webpages to help increase its visibility within the results of one or more search engines for focused search terms or search phrases. SEO helps your web pages become accessible to search engines and helps improve the chances those pages will rank high in the search engine result pages (SERPS).

There are NO tricks, gimmicks, or magic involved in this process, but it does take a lot of work, time, patience and common sense. Basically, the process involves:

  • analyzing and choosing the correct keywords,
  • good coding practices,
  • developing a well thought out site design, layout and structure
  • providing well written copy (text)
  • generating lots of content pertaining to your subject matter

For more detailed information on how NJ MetroNET can help you with SEO, please let us know!

Although many search engines may automatically find your website through their search engine software (known as bots or spiders), it is not wise to rely on them. Once your website is ready and optimized, it should be submitted to the major search engines such as Google, MSN, Alta Vista, etc. Some search engines still have free submissions (sometime referred to as suggestions), but many are charging a fee to include your website.

Its important to be recognized in the most popular directories (Yahoo,dmoz, etc.), as well as local and regional web directories. If their is a website or directory for your industry, you should be listed there also.

NJ MetroNET will submit your website to the major search engines and discuss this strategy with you.

It is VERY important to get as many links to your site as possible. Some search engines use the number of relevant links to AND from your site as an indication that your website should warrant a higher ranking in the search engine result pages. It's always a great idea to have a "links'" page with outgoing links to websites that are related to your industry AND to seek out sites that may benefit by having YOUR site linked on theirs. Reciprocal linking is common and is a smart strategy in most cases, however it is important that the sites your are linking to or from are in good standing and are relevant to what your website is all about.

Most major search engine will present some "sponsored links" at the very begriming and/or in the right column of a search engine results page. These are paid advertisements and require an account to be set up with a search engine. Some are part of a network where your "ad" will appear on many search engines in their network.

If you are in a very competitive business, are looking to build a brand, have a website is difficult for search engines to read, or just launched a brand new site, this is a marketing option you may want or need to consider. There is only ONE page 1 on each search engine and your site may either need a boost or need to be prominent during a certain season.

Running PPC accounts require time to manage and knowledge of the requirements and set-up involved. NJ MetroNET now offers PPC Management as a service to you.

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  • Domain Registrations/Renewals
  • First Year Hostomg FREE
  • Your own Web Control Panel
  • Detailed Site Statistics
  • 200mb web space
  • 8 gb monthly traffic
  • 15 POP e-mail Boxes
  • Unlimited E-Mail Forwarding
  • E-Mail Autoresponders
  • Submissions to the major search engines
  • Basic Search Engine Optimization
  • End of Year Detailed Reporting


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